As part of a forward-looking succession plan, Korsing Schweißtechnik GmbH, the specialist in welding technology, occupational safety, and auxiliary materials in the greater Cologne area, announces its merger with the BRILL GROUP. This significant development takes effect on July 1st and marks a significant step in the further development of both companies.

With outstanding expertise and a high level of service quality, Korsing has established itself as the market leader in the Cologne region. The merger with the BRILL GROUP, a leading company in the fields of industrial and trade supplies as well as welding technology, is a strategic decision that creates synergies and sustainably expands the range of services for industrial and trade customers.

The BRILL GROUP, known for its modern central warehouse and high level of digitalization, employs 170 people and generates an annual turnover of 69.5 million euros at four locations. Through the integration of Korsing, the group will further expand its expertise in the field of welding technology and offer new sustainable service offerings.

The existing location in Cologne will continue to operate and gradually be developed into a state-of-the-art application center, similar to the successful model of the BRILL GROUP at the Bottrop location. This underscores the BRILL GROUP’s commitment to promoting local presence and customer-centric solutions while simultaneously consolidating central functions for the group.

The management of Korsing Schweißtechnik GmbH, consisting of Mr. Zimmermann and Mr. Malek, will continue to play a key role in the company and significantly contribute to shaping growth in the region. “We are convinced that the merger with the BRILL GROUP not only strengthens our position in the market but also offers our customers innovative and sustainable solutions,” explain Mr. Malek and Mr. Zimmermann. “Together, we will continue to drive forward our goals of being leaders in technology and customer service,” adds Mr. Brill.

About Korsing Schweißtechnik GmbH

Korsing Schweißtechnik GmbH is a leading company in the welding technology industry in the Cologne region. They offer comprehensive solutions in the fields of welding technology, occupational safety, and auxiliary materials. For more information, visit


The BRILL GROUP is a technical wholesale distributor specializing in industrial, trade supplies, and welding technology, headquartered in Nordhorn. It operates four locations in Germany and is known for its innovative and sustainable service offerings, as well as its high level of process/digitalization. For more information, visit

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