Electronically controlled vending machines.


  • Significant process cost savings
  • Waiting times for tool issues are eliminated
  • Stock levels can be broken down in real time
  • Demand coverage of all critical spare parts required for the production process is guaranteed
  • Production downtimes are effectively avoided
  • Efficient, transparent, flexible, simple and safe!

Customised filling

Modularly structured software

Easy connection to existing systems

Access code or chip for employees

Article removal with simple menu navigation

Saving individual favourites

Inventory management in real time

Automatic ordering processes according to minimum stock levels


  • Speed – item shortages are recognised immediately and can be reordered directly
  • Mobility – orders can be placed anywhere
  • Flexibility – item stocks can be maintained by employees
  • Free of charge – the app is free of charge

Personalised advice

Our expert employees familiarise themselves with your production process and the market environment, thus ensuring targeted advice at all times.

Your contact persons:

Ait van Rahden (VL Industrial supplies)

Tel, 0174-3355062


Ingo Schliffke (VL Industrial suppliesf)

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